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Welcome to Sunrise Raspberry Farm
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Come visit our farm for pick your own red and black raspberries. 
Also available pre-picked organic asparagus, rhubarb and garlic.
About Our Growing Practices.
​We at Sunrise Raspberry Farm grow all of our products as natural as possible. No chemicals are ever sprayed directly on any of our products. For our berries we do use a starter fertilizer in the spring and in the fall to help rebuild the soil, but in the future we will be using more composts. Our asparagus, rhubarb, garlic and future fruits are all being grown organically. Serving the Stevens Point area since 2009. Please call us with any questions. 
​          07/12/17 Update.
We will be open for picking on Wed the 12th.
Picking reds and blacks.......
The blacks are picked out, reds are still available.                          07/22/17
We are now closed for the season. Thanks to all who came out to pick.
See you in 2018!